Painted Curtains

painted curtain

Yes, we have taken a short break, Spring Break to be exact!  Too much fun hanging out with the kids outside.  It has finally warmed up around here and who wants to be inside?  Our project today is piece of my 9 year old daughter’s room makeover.  This has been so much fun to do.  She definitely has her own tastes and ideas about what she wants in her room so a few tears have been shed in the planning process :).  This first little project are the curtains that we hung in her room.  She loves the colors teal and bright green and there is so much of that around now that it was easy to find coordinating accessories.  One of my friends had some painted curtains in her home and they were so cute and something you wouldn’t find anywhere else.  This is a great Ikea hack!  I just bought some of their cotton curtains that are 19.99.  These are really great for painting on because they have lines that run vertical down the fabric which help measuring and taping the zig zags easier.


Supply list:

Ikea curtains

Paint ( I just purchased the sample sized bottles that are about 3.00)


Painters tape

Small paint roller

Drop cloth

painted curtain

I just bought a few bottles of the sample sized bottles at the home improvement store.  This is really all I needed and the bottles cost about $3.00 each.

painted curtains


For the zig zag I wanted the width of it to be 12 inches wide and then I did the point on the vertical stitch that already is in the curtain.  Make sure that the tape goes on snug against the fabric without any creases or bumps.  This is probably the part that took the longest but you really want this to be done right.

painted curtains


Once you have it all taped off, it is ready to paint.  Lay it out flat on the drop cloth and you can begin painting.  I did two coats so it would cover better but I’m sure you would be fine with just one, depending on how much paint you have.  The zig zags are also 12 inches apart.

painted curtain


Allow the paint to dry before you remove the tape just so you don’t smear any onto the curtain between.  Once the paint is dry and all the tape is removed you are ready to hang your new, custom curtains!

painted curtains


These are such a great addition to the room.  It is so easy to customize your own curtains to fit the style of your room with a little time and paint.  Hope you enjoy, thanks for stopping by to view our madness :)!


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