Faux Wood Grain Canvas Frame


So, if you’ll recollect back to a simpler time (like a few weeks ago) you’ll remember this post we did about our minimalist canvas art. After discovering we had unused canvas lying about in the basement, my 5 year old artist was determined to make a masterpiece for her bedroom.

She wanted a monogrammed piece of art to display to the world and show once and for all that her bed was, in fact, the top bunk (bed ownership had become an issue with middle child who was relegated to the bottom bunk). Since the 5 year old had created a giant letter A on canvas for her bed, almost 3 year old needed to make a giant M for his bed too.

I dutifully sacrificed my last canvas for the everlasting happiness of my child and traced an M right in the middle then handed it over to be painted by the little guy.

I imagined colorful swirls all over, a true display of his inner creativity. I could just see his pride as we hung the painted canvas. This will totally be worth it, I thought to myself happily.

He drew 3 squiggly lines, declared himself “full” (it’s not dinner time, my mind cried) and got down from the table. In despair that my canvas was pretty much ruined (along with my dreams of raising the next Michelangelo), I set it on the buffet table thinking I’d just end up throwing it away. Since I suck at cleaning my house, that scribbled upon canvas sat on my buffet for 4 or 5 days before I was struck with the lightning bolt of inspiration. I can fix this, I thought. I had been searching for the perfect frame for a mommy/daddy/baby picture for baby B’s room and was having no luck at all. I laid my photo over the letter M I had traced and it covered it perfectly. So I just decided to get my craft on, grab my trusty dollar store water colors and get to work.

Items needed:

Water color paints
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Printed photo

Getting Started:


First, paint several oval/leaf eye shapes across your canvas. Vary them in size and allow a few to run off the edge of the canvas. Don’t worry about them being perfectly uniform.



Next, pick a side and start painting the connecting lines. Paint long lines from top to bottom, running along the edges of your pre-drawn eyes. Try not to overlap any of the lines.IMG_8236

Continue across the canvas, filling in the gaps with long, wavy lines. Add a few more small eyes as needed to fill in any larger gaps that may form.


After your paint has dried, attach your photo. Lightly coat the back of your photo with Mod Podge using a foam brush. Gently press the photo on the canvas from top to bottom, working out any bubbles in the glue.


To ensure a tight adhesion, flip the canvas over and press it from the back.

And voila! A hand-painted frame for one of my favorite photos. Now to hang it in baby B’s nursery!



DAD Subway Art

Subway art free download




Looking for a fun little way to say all the things you love about your Dad?  We love subway art it is such a fun, easy way to say so many things.  We created this little gem on our favorite website picmonkey.com.  This, of course, is cheap and easy to make and we are super happy with how it turned out.  We have included the links to ours, they are 12 x 12, or your can create your own in whatever size you like.



Dad Subway art Blue                                                Dad Subway art Red                                                 Dad Subway Art Green   

  • Dad Subway art Blue
  • Dad Subway art Red
  • Dad Subway Art Green
  • Dad Subway art Gray
  • Dad Subway art Black

Dad Subway art Gray                                                Dad Subway art Black

To make the hanging plaque I printed out the photo at Costco and bought this cute Gesso Board from Hobby Lobby, total was $7.00 for all of these.  Mount the photo to the board with some good old Mod Podge on the back and once that dries apply a coat to the top.  I wanted mine to look a little antiqued so I painted the photo with some wood stain I already had.  The gesso board has wood edges so I stained those also.  Looks so good, if I do say so myself :)!


Dad subway art collage


This turned out great!!  Just a little something that truly expresses how we feel about our awesome Dad!  So many words to think of how we adore him and all he does for us each day!  This is personal and meaningful and so easy to quickly put together.  The kids could even do this one themselves!  What other ways do you celebrate your Dads on Father’s Day?  We would love to hear from you!





Father’s Day Grilling Gift Guide

grill collage

With Dad’s Day fast approaching, we thought we’d compile an awesome list of grilling gifts for the master griller in your life. At our house, the man and me often fight for the right to cook on the grill. We’ve devised a general custody agreement, he gets the grill every other weekend and I take weekdays and sometimes sneak a meal in on Sunday too. (It doesn’t help that I cook on the grill for my other job)

Having spent so much time with my grill-child and using various accessories to get the most out of my efforts, I can confidently say that this grilling gift guide will provide your man with the tools necessary to improve his grilling game (and subsequently give you a few nights off of dinner duty) Win Win!!

frogmat shrimp

Gift #1: FROGMATS! This handy grilling tool is my absolute number 1 griller’s gift. It is a woven sheet that you can put directly on your grill grate when cooking. The close weave and non-stick surface ensures that nothing falls through the grill grate without inhibiting that yummy hot-off the grill flavor. Other grilling baskets just have a few holes in the bottom and displace the direct heat that makes grilled food taste so yummy. I love to use mine for shrimp, vegetables, or small one-bite appetizers that might otherwise sneak through the gaps in my grill grate. You can find a list of dealers and online retailers who sell them here.

Gifts #2 and #3: Meat Thermometers. I am doubling up on this one because  there are many different meat thermometers in the world, but they are not all equal.

meat thermometer

First, a leave-in thermometer. I love this one from OXO (I pretty much love everything from OXO, actually. Especially their can opener. Trust me). This thermometer is straight forward, has an easy to read dial, and you can leave it in your meat while it cooks. This really is a must-have grill staple.

remote probe therm

Second, your man needs a remote probe thermometer. This is actually less of a direct need, per se, but it is a definite luxury item for the lazy grill chef in us all. The probe sticks in the meat, the remote temperature reader hangs out inside with you. Then your man can do the dishes inside while his food cooks outside (or watch SportsCenter, whatevs) I use this one from Traeger and it works like a champ!!

bear paws



Gift #4: BearPawsImagine a giant spatula meets a giant fork, and they crash head first into a door handle. These things are the workhorses around my grill. They pick up heavy cuts of meat, they flip burgers, they shred pork, turkey and chicken. They are seriously awesome. Plus, dishwasher safe!

steak branding

Gift #5: A Monogrammed Steak Branding Iron. For the man who treats grilling like a matter of personal pride and accomplishment. These things are so cool! Have them custom made with your Dad’s initials and let him show his grilling prowess to all he feeds.

spice grinder

Gift #6: A Personal Spice Grinder. With a dedicated spice grinder, your grill mate can concoct his very own out of this world spice blends. I like this one from Krups. Make sure to use it only for spices and not coffee or you’ll have some funky tasting morning joe.

grill sergeant

Gift #7:  The Ultimate Apron. What grill master doesn’t need a wardrobe to match his level of skill. This version is complete with condiment pockets, beverage holders, and style to spare.

Gift #8: Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner. This stuff is magic. After a long night of grilling food to perfection, your grill needs a little maintenance and love. This cleaner works so fast, leaves no streaks or fumes, and goes a really long way. Each bottle seems to last forever because it works so well.

There you have it, folks. The Honey Can’t List’s guide to the best grilling gifts. Your Dad/Husband/Grandpa would love any one of these things. Really.


PS, we haven’t been paid to write any of these reviews or feature any of these products. All opinions are 100% our own.


A Simple Addition…..Chipboard Lettering

chipboard letters


Now that beautiful baby B is here and consuming our lives with yummy baby goodness, I felt it was time to add some final touches to his nursery.  It is always so hard to move from the bassinet to the crib, at least for me. I know he sleeps better in his own room, there’s a little less snoring in there, but I have to admit I miss his little baby noises.  Anyway, I could go on and on about how totally in LOVE we all are with this little man that made his way into our family, but onto the reason you are all here…..crafting something truly amazing.

chipboard letters


Supply List:

-Chipboard Letters (we picked these up from Hobby Lobby for $.99 each, they were on sale….score!)

-Scrapbook paper

-Mod Podge

-Foam Paint Brushes

-3M Double Sided Mounting Tape


clipboard letters


My inspiration for these letters was from a visit to the World Market, they had these cute letters that spelled out TRAVEL that were covered in mapping paper and carried the steep price of $69.00.  Of  course I knew how easy it is to mod podge some paper onto a letter cutout, and I could make it say whatever I wanted.  So, off to work……..

First, we traced the letter onto the back of the scrapbook paper and then cut it out, make sure you trace it in the right direction ;)

Next, cover your letter all over with mod podge making sure to get all the way to the edges, then put on your cut out paper and press it down firmly.  Make sure you let the glue dry before you coat over the top to avoid making bubbles….it happens.


chipboard lettering


And boom, that easy, you have some super cute, personalized wall decor!!

chipboard letters


To hang we used some 3M double sided mounting tape like we did when we were hanging the giant map here.  You can use a level if you need to, like us, to make sure the letters go on straight.  It really has been so much fun getting this room ready for our new little guy who we just can’t get enough of!

Sofa Transformation…..From Louise to Lola

sofa makeover

Ahh Louise she has made such a lasting impression on our home.  She is unique and soft and just like a sweet little old Grandma, she is welcoming and makes you feel so loved.  She started out with her own style, but like another well aged gal was ready for a makeover.  When she came to us she was still in pretty great condition, no tears or terrible wear to be seen.  we just wanted to adjust a few things and add a fresh coat of paint.  What girl wouldn’t feel new after that?

sofa makeover

You remember when we first introduced you to Louise here.  She was a beauty (yes I’m sure it depends on who you ask).  Love is a funny thing……  We welcomed her with open arms and didn’t want to really think about where she has been over the past years, though I’m sure she has some amazing stories to tell, unfortunately she can’t speak, even though we act as if she is a member of the family.

couch supplies

We grabbed our handy staple gun, latex paint, brush, and a fine grit piece of sandpaper (not pictured) and got started!

First, we attacked the shiny top coat of poly stain with our sandpaper. Roughing up the wood just a tiny bit made it really easy for the paint to adhere and give us a nice smooth finish.



After sanding the wood pieces, we started painting! Just a few light coats with a paint brush and Louise was lookin fresh.

I (Susie) thought it would be way easier to spray paint the feet of the couch instead of hand painting them. It probably would have been easier had I sanded the feet first, but I didn’t. And disaster ensued……

drippy legs


Drippy leg-itis. Since I was lazy the first time and avoided sanding, I got to sand them anyways and then hand paint them. Lesson learned.

After we finished the painting process, we decided to shorten her skirt. With our handy dandy staple gun, we pulled her pleats tight underneath the frame and stapled away until all of the extra material was tucked neatly away.



After updating the paint and the upholstery, we flipped the newly reinvented Lola upright and reveled in her beauty. She is now an updated lady with pizzazz to spare!

Sofa Transformation


Rug and Throw Blanket from IKEA

Gentleman Rabbit Pillow from World Market

Simple Bench Reupholster

seat reupholster

When we did cute L’s new room last month we had a few unfinished projects left on our Honey Can’t List (see what I did there?) that weren’t pressing issues so we put them off for a bit. Since our April showers decided to show up in May, we seized the opportunity to finish up a few loose ends indoors and get one of our little to-dos to-done. Meet our cute little vanity bench with her darling new fabric face lift. Boom!

This simple tutorial is likely not the first, last, or most awesome (who am I kidding? this is totally the most awesome) reupholster project you’ll ever read on the interwebs. There are millions of them.


But there is good reason for that! ANYBODY can reupholster simple furniture pieces like this bench. Yes, even you. Also, it takes hardly any time at all and adds such a fun touch to any space. Working with small furniture pieces like side chairs and benches is the.funnest.thing.ever. (other than eating ice cream) because you get to introduce exciting patterns and colors without overwhelming your space (and upholstery doesn’t make you fat. -1 point for team ice cream). Diversity is beautiful and fun, especially in a kid/tweeny bopper room!

So, here’s what you need:

A bench, chair, etc.
A screwdriver
A butter knife (yeah we are sophisticated) or staple remover (check your school supplies drawer!)
Needle nose pliers
Fabric (we used printed duck cloth as it is sturdier than traditional quilting fabric)
A staple gun

And here’s how it works:

seat collage

Start by removing your cushion from the base of your bench. Ours was simply attached by screws. Grab your screwdriver and get to work.

Once the cushion is removed, start pulling out the staples holding on the upholstery fabric using your knife, pliers. what have you.

seat layout

After you have removed all of your staples and old fabric, carefully position your cushion on your new fabric. This is where attention to detail comes in handy. You’ll want to place your fabric specifically and intentionally over your cushion where the center of your pattern lines up with the center of your fabric. Especially on smaller pieces like this bench, lining up the center of your pattern will make a big difference in the finished look of your furniture.

Get to stapling! Pick a side and dive right in. Be sure to keep the fabric taut while you staple to avoid any wrinkles or bunches in the top of your bench. It was super helpful to have a second set of hands holding the fabric while the other person stapled, but it is definitely possible to do alone. After stapling one whole side, start on the corners. We used a fold and staple method so that the corners would have multiple small folds instead of one large crease (like wrapping a present).

L's seat back

Finish both corners of the first side and move directly across to the opposite side of the bench. Staple, then finish each corner like you did on the first side. After two sides and all four corners are done, do the remaining two sides. Working in opposites like this is a great way to be sure your fabric is taut in and doesn’t pull at an angle in any direction.

When all sides are stapled, reattach your cushion to your base and voila! New pretty cushion and a sense of that “I did this!” pride that all DIYers crave.

L's seat

Banana Bread-Minus The Eggs

eggless banana bread



Yes, we eat eggs at our house, but what do you do when you have super ripe bananas and no eggs for banana bread….?  You substitute in some flaxseed meal, because everybody has that on hand in their pantry, right?  If you don’t, consider picking some up.  I put this in everything and my family is usually none the wiser, like pancake mix and granola.  We can all use a little extra (secret) fiber now and then.

This Banana Bread turned out delicious.  With all the little friends we had over that afternoon it was devoured in minutes.  It’s always better when it is fresh from the oven with a little pat of butter….YUMMY!!  Hope you enjoy this as much as we did,  next I will have to try it in cookies.

Banana Bread-Minus The Eggs

Nonstick Cooking Spray

2 cups flour

2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 C butter, softened

3/4 C sugar

2 T flaxseed meal

6 T water

2-3 very ripe mashed bananas

1 tsp. vanilla

1/8 tsp cinnamon

optional: 1 C walnuts or pecans

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Coat inside of four mini or one regular loaf pan with cooking spray.

2. Combine the flaxseed meal and water and allow to sit for about two minutes.

3. Combine the flour, baking powder and salt in a mixing bowl, whisk to combine.

4. Combine the butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl and cream together with an electric mixer.  Add the bananas, vanilla, cinnamon and flaxseed and beat until mixed in smoothly.  With a wooden spoon add in the flour mixture until combined.

5. Pour the batter into prepared pans and bake until a toothpick inserted comes out clean, about 30 mins for the mini loaves and 50-55 for the large loaf pan.  You should probably let it cool for a minute at this point, or burn yourself trying to eat it like we did :)

hey. Minimalist Canvas Art

final hey

Bad news, babes.

I am a terrible artist. F’reals. Terrible.

That does not bode well for my miserly ways and empty walls. Here’s the thing: wall décor is pricey.

This little piece was born of desperation and opportunity. While spending the afternoon doing watercolor landscapes of butterflies and rainbows with my little 5 year old lady, I got the itch to make something. Anything, really. I had some canvas in the basement from an impulse Hobby Lobby purchase 3 years ago. I grabbed the canvas, a paintbrush, and my iPad.

I searched “typewriter font” and this image popped up.  typewriter font

Using the image as a guide, I freehanded the letters in pencil. After that I simply filled them in with black watercolors. (We bought ours at the Dollar Store, big spenders!)


Slap that canvas on your favorite wall and, Voila! Cheap art! Is it perfect? No! But that is kind of why I love it.

whole wall

There is something to be said about adding a personal touch to your home.

And that something is, do it!

Take a few minutes and make something. Make your space yours. My “hey.” may not win any awards, but it reflects our family and how I want my peeps to feel when they walk in my door. We’re a little laid back over here.

So… what’s your word?

Bedroom Makeover Final Reveal

blue green girls room

This has really been such a fun process and it was really fun letting our little miss, independent 9 year old make so many of the decisions.  She’s got great taste!  We started with her favorite colors (at the moment) which are bright green and turquoise.  She knew she wanted an art room and a big comfy bed, so we went from there.  Honestly, if we would have caved she would have painted the WHOLE room with chalkboard paint.  That is probably a kids dream come true!  I remember wanting to paint my whole room with hand prints, how fun would that be!  We are all so happy with how everything turned out! She said I can send her to her room anytime, but she usually is already in there coloring and chilling with her little peeps :).

We started first by finding the bedspread for her new bed so that we could tie everything together around that.  The bedspread is from Target and it is the softest thing EVER!  The sheets that we purchased with it have the green and turquoise colors we were hoping for.  There really are a ton of this blue/green option available everywhere right now so it was easy to find some matching accessories for her room.

blue green girls room


This is the beginning process, and unfortunately it stayed this way for a few months until we finally got around to painting her room.  You could call it procrastination or maybe it was easier to paint with the babe out of Susie’s belly!  I was not sure how my daughter would feel about her bed being moved away from the wall because she prefers to be kicking something while she is sleeping (makes it really fun to sleep with her :)). She seems to be super happy with her new room, so it feels like a success.  We all love how everything turned out, I think everyone’s favorite part is the chalk wall (the art portion of the room).

chalkboard wall


We picked up the chalkboard paint down at the Lowe’s and I must say I am pleased with the final product.  It is rough like a real chalkboard.  Honestly, at first we didn’t feel like it was covering very well, but when it was finally done it worked great and has already been used a ton!!

Hanging lanterns


The lanterns we picked up from Hobby Lobby (we used our coupon of course for a great deal).  They have a ton of different colors so really you could find some to match any project you might be tackling.  You can check out our tutorial on how to hang these in our Hanging Paper Lanterns post here.

The walls (and ceiling) we painted a really light bluish/turquoise color, such a fun color it just makes the whole room feel HAPPY.  It turned out BEAUTIFUL and we are all so pleased with how it all came together.


blue green girls room

LA room

blue green hanging balls


This is such a fun, cozy, “cool” place to hang out.  The little miss even volunteered that she can be sent to her room anytime, there goes that punishment.  We are so happy she is pleased with how this turned out and that this is a place she really likes to be and feels so comfy and cheery in here!!  Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our craziness!

Honey Can’t How to: Hanging Paper Lanterns

Hanging paper lanterns

Making a big impact in your room doesn’t have to be expensive, or difficult. We love the party-vibe coming off of these big paper lanterns. They add such a fun touch to a kid’s room! Our resident 9 year old loves how whimsical they are, and we loved how simple they were to put up. When your design client is as picky as ours, anything you can find that pleases both of you is like a miracle sent from above… or in this case, the party supply section of Hobby Lobby.

We picked up these beauties at about $7.99 for a two pack and used a few 40% off coupons on a couple of different trips to get enough for our corner. I think the grand total for all 6 balls was around $15! Talk about a steal of a deal for a big statement.

Seriously. Talk about it. We need some external validation. I’ll give you a minute.




K thanks, we’re good now.

Enough of the fluff. Let’s get to the how to!

Items Needed:

Paper Lanterns
Thread (we used white)
Staple Gun

How to:

Begin by assembling your lanterns. Just follow the instructions in the package. Easy peasy.

Next, use a double knot and tie your thread to the notch at the top of the lantern. Cut your thread about 12-18 inches longer than the length you plan to hang your lantern. **Special tip for visual interest: Hang your biggest lanterns first. They will help you visualize where you want to space your smaller ones and give you better balance.

Hanging lanterns

Grab your staple gun! Holding the thread against the ceiling at your desired length, staple the thread to ceiling. BE SURE to hold on to the excess length of thread or it will slide through the staple and you’ll be left with a lantern on the floor and an extra staple in your ceiling. I’m sure you can guess how we learned that lesson. Wah, wah.

Hanging Paper Lanterns

After your thread is stapled to the ceiling, tie a double square knot around the staple so the thread will be totally secure. Ta-Da! Floating lantern! The thread will be practically invisible from afar.

Hanging Paper Lanterns

Repeat these steps with each lantern, hanging them from largest to smallest. Stagger them in distance from front to back, as well as side to side. You’re going for a “constellation” effect (imagine clusters of stars) opposed to a “linear effect” (imagine the solar system).

Hanging lanterns

Now bring in your slightly picky 9-year old and enjoy the lack of tantrum (she might even smile!)